Browsing Attachments within Notes on Your MacBook with El Capitan

By Mark L. Chambers

If you’re a long-time Notes user, you’ll appreciate the “look-and-feel” updates made to this popular OS X application in El Capitan — however, you’ll likely be happiest about the new Notes Attachment Browser, which allows you to display all of the attachments you’ve added to your Notes from a single pane!

Why so gleeful? Older versions of the application required you to view each Note to find a specific attachment you had added, including

  • Photos and videos

  • Maps

  • Website links

  • Audio clips

  • Documents

Many users utilize Notes as a simple database, holding dozens of those “snippets” of information for later use or for Facebook. As you can imagine, opening and checking each Note would often take considerable time. Now you can click the Attachment Browser button on the Notes toolbar, click the desired file type, and see every attachment of that type at one time.

Searching for images and movies attached to Notes.

Searching for images and movies attached to Notes.

To open the item, just double-click on it. You can display the Note that contains the selected attachment by right-clicking on the selection and choosing Go to Note from the menu that appears.