Bluetooth Preferences on Your MacBook - dummies

By Mark L. Chambers

The Bluetooth pane on your MacBook enables you to select the Bluetooth devices you’ll be using, to disable Bluetooth entirely, and to allow you to use a Bluetooth connection as a virtual serial port.


The choices on this pane include

  • Device listing: From this pane, you can opt to allow other Bluetooth devices to discover your MacBook (with the Discoverable check box). All recognized Bluetooth devices in range appear in the list, and you can configure or disconnect them.

    You can also set up a new Bluetooth device from here by clicking the Set Up New Device button. Also, if you like, Lion can display a Bluetooth status menu in the Finder menu bar.

    MacBook owners who want to conserve power can disable Bluetooth entirely. Just click the On check box to disable it and you save a significant amount of battery time!

  • Advanced sheet: Click the Advanced button to display another group of settings. The Open Bluetooth Setup Assistant check box determines whether Lion automatically launches the Bluetooth Setup Assistant when no Bluetooth devices are recognized.

    If you’re using a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, you can wake your MacBook using these devices. You can set Lion to alert you if an audio request is received from a Bluetooth device, and you can share an Internet connection with connected devices.

    You can also edit your Bluetooth Serial Ports from the Advanced sheet, allowing you to use a Bluetooth connection as a virtual serial port. You can add or remove serial services from the Serial Port sheet as well.