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The New Apple News App in macOS Mojave

By Bob LeVitus

The Apple News app in macOS Mojave gathers articles, images, and videos you might be interested in and displays them in a visually appealing fashion. Participating publishers include ESPN, The New York Times, Hearst, Time, Inc., CNN, Condé Nast, Bloomberg, and many more.

What are your interests?

You can customize what appears in your News app by scrolling down in the sidebar and clicking the Discover Channels & Topics button at its bottom.

When the Follow Your Favorites overlay appears, scroll down and click the items you want to follow in the News app. A red heart appears on each item you click to indicate that you’re following this source.

Click the item again and the heart turns from red to gray to indicate that you’re not following this source.

When you’ve clicked all the sources you want to follow, click Done and they’ll appear in the Following section of your sidebar.

To remove items from the sidebar’s Following or Suggested sections, click the Edit button near the top right of the sidebar. Now, click the – (minus sign) in a red circle to the left of the item’s name, and then click the Remove button that appears to the right of the item’s name.

To add a suggested source or to remove a source from either section in the sidebar, hover your cursor over the item and click the heart or heart-with-a-slash icon that appears to the right of the item’s name (and shown in the margin).

How News works

News creates a customized real-time newsfeed based on the sources you’re following, highlighting stories it expects you to be interested in. The more you read, the better its suggestions become, or at least that’s what Apple says.

Click a story to read it; click the < (back button) above the sidebar to return to the main News screen. Or use the handy commands and shortcuts in the View menu, including the following:

  • Next Story (Command  + [)
  • Previous Story (Command + ])
  • Close Story (Command + U)
  • Check for New Stories (Command   + R)
  • Make Text Bigger (Command   + plus sign)
  • Make Text Smaller (Command   + minus sign)

Managing your news on macOS Mojave

In addition to the useful commands in the View menu, the News app’s File menu also offers myriad commands that help you manage your news.

For example, to help News find stories you’ll enjoy, choose File→ Love Story (Command + L) if you love the story you’re reading; choose File→Dislike Story (Command   + D) if you don’t love it, or choose File →Save Story (Command   + S) to save the story for future reading. You’ll find your saved stories in the Saved Stories section near the bottom of the sidebar.

A History section at the bottom of the sidebar can help you find that story you read the other day and now want to share.

Finally, check out the other commands in the File menu, which can help fine-tune what you see in News, including:

  • Follow Channel
  • Block Channel
  • Subscribe
  • Discover Channels & Topics
  • Manage Notifications
  • Manage Blocked Channels and Topics

And that’s about all you need to know to customize and enjoy news in the new News app.