How to Share an Internet Connection on Lion Server - dummies

How to Share an Internet Connection on Lion Server

By John Rizzo

You can use your Mac OS X Lion Server to share an Internet connection with your local network. You will want to set a static IP address for your server, configure VPN, configure a firewall, and enable DNS service before sharing the connection. You’ll also need to enable DHCP and network address translation (NAT) to share your Internet connection.

There is one place in Lion Server you can do all these tasks and more. The Gateway Setup Assistant takes you on a guided tour of the settings, asking you questions about what you want to do with your network. It can set up the services you need to share your Internet connection. You can then use Server Admin to tweak your settings. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Launch Server Admin and connect to the server.

  2. If you haven’t enabled the NAT service, click the Settings icon in the toolbar and then click Services.

  3. Select the NAT check box and then click Save.

  4. In the left column, click the triangle next to your server to expand the list of services.

  5. Select NAT from the list of services and click the Overview tab.

  6. Click the Gateway Setup Assistant button.

  7. Click through the various setup screens, answering Gateway Setup Assistant’s questions along the way.

    Be sure to read all the help offered.

  8. In the final screen, review the settings to make sure that you’ve made the right choices.

    To have a record of what you did, take a screen shot by pressing cmd-Option-3. An image file appears on the Desktop.

  9. Click the Configure button.

    The Gateway Setup Assistant turns on and configures any services needed to do what you told it to do.