How to Set Up and Manage Group Accounts with the Server App in Lion Server

By John Rizzo

In the Server app in Lion Server, managing groups is very similar to managing user accounts, although you have fewer options to choose among for groups.

Create new group accounts

Follow these steps to create a group:

  1. In the Server app, click Groups in the sidebar.

    The Groups pane in the Server app appears.


  2. Click the Add (+) button in the lower-left corner under the Groups list and then enter a group name in the dialog.

    The short name for groups is created automatically.

  3. Click the Done button.

Add members to a group

The group you just created has no members. To add some, do the following:

  1. In the Server app, click Groups in the sidebar and double-click the name of a group in the list.

    The pane for that group appears, similar to that for a user. The bottom half is a list of users (members) belonging to the group.

  2. Click the Add (+) button below the Members field.

    An empty field containing the cursor appears below the last username. When you start typing the name of a user, a drop-down menu appears, listing members whose names begin with (or are close to) the letters you typed. Included in the list is Browse. Selecting Browse brings up a list of all users.

  3. Start typing the word browse and hit the Return key.

    A window lists all existing users — easier than typing usernames one at a time.

  4. In the window with the user list, select a user or cmd-click to select multiple users and drag them into the main window’s Members list.

    The small window with all users also includes all groups. You can add other groups as members of a group.


  5. Close the small window with the groups list and click the Done button in the main window.

To remove a member from a group, select the user and click the Delete (–) button.

Add collaboration tools for a group

In the editing window for a group, you can also direct Lion Server to set up collaboration tools for members of the group. In the section called Group Services, selecting these items will create them automatically:

  • Selecting Give This Group a Shared Folder enables a shared server folder with access privileges for members of the group. File sharing services must be already running.

  • Selecting Make Group Members iChat Buddies makes all group members buddies in iChat. iChat services must be already running.

  • Clicking the Create Group Wiki button sets up a collaboration wiki for the group.

Delete a group

Deleting a group is the same process as deleting a user. Select the group from the Groups list and then click the Delete (–) button. Deleting a group removes the ability for users to connect to common collaboration resources associated with that group, including shared folders, wikis, blogs, and group calendars.