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How to Research Lion Server Updates

By John Rizzo

You should not install any update on your Lion Server without doing some homework. Apple creates updates to fix problems or make improvements, but despite Apple’s best intentions, system updates can also break functionality or cause conflicts with third-party software. You may need to wait for third-party software developers to catch up and release an update that is compatible with Apple’s latest update.

So instead of blindly installing Apple updates, research what others are experiencing with that update. You can check websites that cover Apple software updates to see what other users are experiencing with the most recent update.

If a lot of people are reporting the same problems with third-party networking or server software, you may want to hold off on the upgrade. Are people reporting that the update fixes any problems that you’re seeing? Don’t take Apple’s word for it.

Here are three websites that report problems with Mac updates:

  • MacWindows: This website focuses on problems and solutions with Macs and PCs working together. When a new version of Mac OS X Server or a client is released, problems or bugs that people experience are reported.

  • MacInTouch: Ric Ford’s site specializes in all things Macintosh.

  • Apple Discussions forums: Click the link for Mac OS X Server 10.7 and check for problem reports.

One report of a problem doesn’t usually indicate a widespread issue, but if you see the same problem reported on multiple websites, beware.

When you do update, first perform a full backup of the server boot drive. If something breaks, you want to be able to get back to the last stable version as soon as possible.