How to Print Documents from Mountain Lion - dummies

How to Print Documents from Mountain Lion

The actual act of printing a document from your Mac running OS X Mountain Lion is pretty simple. Just follow the steps here, and in a few minutes, pages should start popping out of your printer like magic.

  1. Open a document that you want to print.

  2. Choose File→Print (or press Command+P).

    You see the basic Print sheet.


  3. Click Print.

    Wait a few minutes for the network to tell the printer what to do, and then walk over to your printer to get your document.

Choosing File→Print (Command+P) won’t work for you if any one of the following is true for the software you’re using:

  • The Print command is on a different menu.

  • There is no Print command. (Hey, it could happen.)

  • The Print keyboard shortcut is anything but Command+P.

If any of the preceding is true for a program you’re using, you just have to wing it. Look in all the menus and check out the product’s documentation to try to get a handle on the Print command for that pesky program.