How to Create Aliases in OS X El Capitan

By Bob LeVitus

When you create an alias in OS X El Capitan, its icon looks the same as the original icon it represents, but the suffix alias is tacked onto its name, and a tiny arrow called a badge (as shown) appears in the bottom-left corner of its icon.


This figure shows an alias and its parent icon — the icon that opens if you double-click the alias.

An alias (right) and its parent.

An alias (right) and its parent.

To create an alias for an icon, do one of the following:

  • Click the parent icon and choose File→Make Alias.

  • Click the parent icon and press Command+L.

  • Click the parent icon and use the Action menu’s Make Alias command (in the Toolbar of all Finder windows).

  • Click an icon while holding down the Control key (or right-click it or tap it with two fingers on a trackpad) and then choose the Make Alias command from the contextual menu that appears.

  • Click any file or folder, press and hold down Command+Option, and then drag the file or folder while continuing to hold down Command+Option. Presto! An alias appears where you release the mouse button.