How to Connect Workgroup Manager to a Shared Domain in Lion Server - dummies

How to Connect Workgroup Manager to a Shared Domain in Lion Server

By John Rizzo

Lion Server’s Workgroup Manager is a tool to help you manage clients. It can be used to create and manage accounts, groups, devices, profiles, and preferences. But before it can do all of this, it has to be connected to the directory server on your network.

Workgroup Manager is not part of the Lion Server installation process. You have to download Workgroup Manager as part of the Server Admin Tools package and install it separately.

Follow these steps to launch and connect to the directory in Workgroup Manager:

  1. Launch the Workgroup Manager application from /Applications/Server on your client system.

  2. Choose Server→Connect.

  3. Enter the IP address or hostname of the directory server in the Address field of the dialog that appears.

  4. Authenticate as the server’s local administrator by typing in the Username and Password fields.

  5. Click the Connect button.

  6. Choose the shared directory domain from the pop-up menu just above the list of users in Workgroup Manager.

    If this is strictly an Open Directory domain and you’re working directly on the Open Directory server, choose /LDAPv3/ If you’re working on a connected system, choose /LDAPv3/your hostname or IP address. If you’re using Active Directory, choose /Active Directory/Your Domain from the list. Other choices are possible, depending on your directory configuration.

  7. Click the lock icon to the right of the Shared Directory pop-up menu and authenticate as the directory administrator that you created as part of the directory configuration.

You’re now ready to manage the users, groups, and computers in the directory domain.