How to Check and Open Mail in Mountain Lion - dummies

How to Check and Open Mail in Mountain Lion

How do you check and open your mail in the Mountain Lion Mail application? Easy. Just click the Get Mail button at the top of the main Mail window or press Command+Shift+N.


  • To read a new message, select it. Its contents appear in the Message Content pane.

  • To delete a selected message, click the Delete button on the toolbar.

  • To retrieve a message you accidentally deleted, click Trash on the left and drag the message into the Inbox or other mailbox.

  • To configure Mail to send and check for your mail every X minutes, choose Mail→Preferences and click the General icon at the top of the window. Click the Check for New Mail pop-up menu and make a selection — every 1, 5, 15, 30, or 60 minutes — or choose Manually if you don’t want Mail to check for mail automatically at all.

    The default setting is to check for mail every 5 minutes.

  • To add a sender to Contacts, when someone who isn’t already in your Contacts sends you an e-mail message, simply choose Message→Add Sender to Contacts (shortcut: Command+Y).

    Adding a sender to your Contacts has an additional benefit: It guards messages from that person against being mistaken for junk mail. In other words, your Contacts is a white list for the spam filter; if specific senders appear in your Contacts, their messages will never be mistakenly marked as junk mail.