How to Add Contacts to Your Address Book in Mac OS X Lion - dummies

How to Add Contacts to Your Address Book in Mac OS X Lion

By Bob LeVitus

The Address Book is where you store contact information for your family, friends, and anyone else you want to keep track of in Mac OS X Lion. It works seamlessly with the OS X Lion Mail application, enabling you to quickly look up e-mail addresses when you’re ready to send a message.

Follow these steps to create a new entry in the Address Book:

  1. Launch the Address Book application by double-clicking its icon in the Applications folder or clicking its Dock icon.

    The Address Book appears. The first time that you open Address Book, you see two cards: Apple Computer and the one with the personal identification information you supplied when you created your account.

  2. To create a new entry, click the + button at the bottom of the Address Book’s Name column.

    An untitled address card appears. The First name text field is initially selected. (You can tell because it’s highlighted.)


  3. Type the person’s first name in the First text field.

  4. Press Tab.

    Your cursor should now be in the text field labeled ‘Last.’

    You can always move from one field to the next by pressing Tab — in fact, this shortcut works in almost all Mac programs that have fields like these. (You can move to the previous field by pressing Shift+Tab.)

  5. Type the last name for the person you’re adding to your Address Book.

    Continue this process, filling in the rest of the fields.


  6. When you’re done entering information, click the Done button to exit the editing mode.

    The little up and down arrows between the labels and their contents fields are for opening pop-up menus that offer alternative labels for the field. For example, if you were to click the arrows next to the word Work, you could choose Home, Mobile, Main, Home Fax, Work Fax, Pager, Other, or Custom to replace the label Work.

    The little contact card is called a vCard (virtual business card).

    To add more info about any Address Book entry, select the name in the Name column. You can tell when a name is selected because it is highlighted. Then click the Edit button at the bottom of the Address Book window, and make your changes.

Repeat this process for everyone you know and want to keep in touch with.