Add Media Asset Management and Workflow to Lion Server - dummies

Add Media Asset Management and Workflow to Lion Server

By John Rizzo

If your Lion Server client users produce or use a lot of multi-media content, then a media asset management and workflow system may be a needed tool in your organization.

Asset managers take thousands of photo, image, video, and audio files sitting in a pile on your server and organize them. They keep track of the assets that are part of a workflow and what final projects they’re used in.

Asset managers tell you which version of a project is the current version, and they let you return to older versions. They also automate workflow, performing routine tasks such as assembling pieces into a whole and converting files to different file formats. Lots of server-based asset manager products are available. The following list provides just a sampling of different types:

  • Adobe InDesign Server is aimed at automating InDesign-based print publishing, design, typography, and page layout. Because InDesign Server is highly customizable with an InDesign markup language, third parties sell premade workflow systems based on your type of publishing.

  • Canto Cumulus was designed for photos and graphics but now also handles audio and video. Because it’s a sophisticated workflow product, you can send Cumulus an e-mail to place an attached file in a catalog. Cumulus tracks users’ actions and lets you see what’s being used. It also has a built-in photo editor.