iLife ’11: Create and Edit a Smart Album in iPhoto - dummies

iLife ’11: Create and Edit a Smart Album in iPhoto

By Tony Bove

In the Albums section of the Source panein iPhoto, you can find smart albums, which are indicated by the gear-in-a-folder icon. As part of iLife, iPhoto comes with a few sample smart albums, such as Best 5-Star and Recent Best, and you can create your own. Smart albums add pictures to themselves based on prearranged criteria, or conditions. For example, when you add ratings to your pictures, the Best 5-Star and Recent Best albums change to reflect your new ratings. You don’t have to set up anything because those smart albums are already defined for you.

To create a new smart album, follow these steps:

  1. Choose File→New→ Smart Album (or press Command+Option+N).

  2. Enter a new name (a title) for the smart album in the Smart Album Name field at the top.

  3. Choose a category of information from the Match the Following Condition pop-up menu.


  4. From the second pop-up menu, choose an operator, such as Is, Contains, or Starts with.

    The selections you make from these two pop-up menus combine to create a condition.

  5. To add multiple conditions, click the plus-sign (+) button (on the right).

    You can then decide whether to match all or any of these conditions, as explained in Steps 3 and 4. The Match xx of the Following Conditions option is enabled by default when you set one or more conditions.


  6. After setting one or more conditions for the smart album, click OK to create it (or Cancel to cancel it).

    The smart album appears in the Albums section of the Source pane and goes to work immediately.

To edit a smart album, select it from the Albums section of the Source pane and choose File→Edit Smart Album. The Smart Album dialog appears with the criteria for the smart album.