How to Navigate iPhoto in iLife ’11 - dummies

How to Navigate iPhoto in iLife ’11

By Tony Bove

The iLife iPhoto icon is available in your Mac’s Dock, which appears typically at the bottom of the desktop. To start iPhoto, click the iPhoto icon in the Dock or double-click the iPhoto application in the Applications folder.

Once it opens, the iPhoto window is split into several panes and a toolbar:


  • The Viewer pane: The largest pane — the Viewer — displays event tiles, face tiles, or thumbnails when browsing or the full picture after selecting one for viewing or editing.

  • The Info pane: The Info pane displays the title, the date, the description, faces, places (including a minimap), and other information about the item or items you’ve selected. The Info pane appears only after clicking the Info button on the toolbar.

  • The Source pane. The entire library, the most recent pictures imported from cameras, and the list of photo albums and other sources of images appear in a pane on the left side of the window. You use the Source pane to select the source of your pictures for viewing or other operations.

    The Source pane is divided into these sections:

    • Library: Browse your entire library by event, photos, face, or place.

    • Recent: Browse the most recent activities, such as the previously selected event, Last Import (the pictures most recently imported), Last 12 Months (the pictures imported in the last 12 months), Flagged (any pictures you’ve flagged), or the Trash (pictures you’ve deleted).

    • Albums: Browse your photo albums.

    • Web: Browse your online Facebook, Flickr, and MobileMe photo albums, add to them, and manage them.

    • Projects: Browse projects you’ve created in iPhoto, such as photo books, calendars, or cards.

    • Slideshows: Browse slideshows you created with your photos.

  • The toolbar.

    The toolbar offers one-click access to the iPhoto tools:

    • Full Screen: Show full-screen iPhoto and pictures.

    • Search: Search pictures by title, description, keyword, or rating.

    • Zoom slider: Increase or decrease the size of thumbnail images or zoom into or out of pictures.

    • Slideshow: Start a slideshow.

    • Info: Make the Info pane appear or disappear.

    • Edit: Edit a picture.

    • Create: Start a new photo album, book, card, calendar, or slideshow and add it to the Source pane.

    • Add To: Add selected photos to a photo album, book, card, calendar, or slideshow.

    • Share: Order prints of selected photos, or post them to Facebook, Flickr, or MobileMe albums.

When you start iPhoto, the item you selected in the Source pane the last time you used iPhoto appears again. For example, if you selected Events the last time (to browse by event), Events is selected again when you start iPhoto again.

To make the window invisible but accessible from the Dock, choose Window→Minimize. (If you do this and then can’t find iPhoto, click either the iPhoto icon or the newly created minimized document icon in the Dock, and the window reappears.) iPhoto works like all the other “i-applications” in Mac OS X.