How to Mark Favorite Video Clips in iMovie '11 - dummies

How to Mark Favorite Video Clips in iMovie ’11

By Edward C. Baig

No matter how talented you are as a videographer, it will be evident as you skim your video footage on your Mac that some of your footage stands out above the rest and other footage is amateurish at best. You can mark video gems as favorites while rejecting junk footage. Here’s how.

  • Mark favorites: Select the frame range of the video portion you love, and choose Mark→Favorite or press the letter F on the keyboard. A green line appears over the ranges you’ve chosen as favorites.

  • Reject footage: You can just as easily put the kibosh on a clip that doesn’t meet your lofty standards. Choose Mark→Reject or press the Delete key. Instead of a green line, you see a — don’t all scream at once, please — red line.

  • Filter to see only favorite or rejected footage: By making choices from the small pop-up menu to the left of the iMovie search box (just below the Library/Theater buttons on the toolbar), you can sort or filter the video shown in the browser. You can show all clips, favorites only, and all clips minus those you’ve rejected.

    If you choose to reveal only those clips that you’ve rejected, you may charitably give some of them a second chance. It’s also necessary to display the doomed clips if you want to trash them.

  • Remove ratings: You can unrate clips that you’ve designated as favorites or duds. Select such clips and choose Mark→Unrate or press U on the keyboard.