How to Create an E-mail Group on Mac with Snow Leopard - dummies

How to Create an E-mail Group on Mac with Snow Leopard

By Bob LeVitus

You might want to organize your Mac e-mail contacts into groups so you can send e-mail to everyone in a group with a single click. The Snow Leopard Address Book makes it easy to create an e-mail group, whether you want to communicate with your son’s indoor football league or want to share a press release with a group of fifty newspapers. Here’s how to create a group and add contacts to it:

1Double-click the Address Book icon in the Applications folder.

The Address book Application opens.

2Click the + button at the bottom of the Group column.

An untitled Group appears in the Group column with “untitled group” highlighted.

3Type a descriptive name for this group and then press Enter or Return.

The example here uses PR, which stands for Public Relations.

4Click All Contacts in the Group column.

All your contacts appear in the Name column.

5Click the contacts you want in the group in the Name column.

Hold down the Command key as you select to choose more than one contact.

6Drag the selected contact names onto the group.

Address Book considerately displays the number of contacts you’re dragging, which happens to be two in this instance.