How to Add an E-Mail Me Button to Your iWeb Site in iLife ’11

By Tony Bove

If you need people to e-mail you directly from your website, you can add an Email Me button to any page of your iWeb site in iLife. When a visitor clicks the button, a new e-mail message appears so that the visitor can type a message and send it.

If you publish your site to MobileMe, the message is addressed, by default, to your MobileMe Mail account. If you publish your site to a different hosting service, the message is addressed using the address on your Me contact card in the OS X Address Book application. (To mark your Address Book contact card as Me, select the name in Address Book and choose Card→Make This My Card.)

To modify the Email Me button, follow these steps:

  1. To change the Email Me button to send to another e-mail address, click the name of the website in the Sidebar, and in the Site Publishing Settings window that appears, type the address in the Contact Email field.

  2. To add the Email Me button to a web page, select the web page in the Sidebar and choose Insert→Button→Email Me.

    The button appears on the page, and you can drag the button to a new location on the page. Blue alignment guides appear as you drag to help you align the button with other page elements.