Add Content to Drop Zones in an iLife '11 iDVD Project - dummies

Add Content to Drop Zones in an iLife ’11 iDVD Project

By Tony Bove

Drop zones in iDVD are sections of the menu background that can play videos and slideshows. You can also place a still image in a drop zone. Drop zones aren’t buttons — viewers of your iLife DVD won’t get anywhere by clicking them. Adding content to a drop zone is essentially a cool way to frame a movie or slideshow loop.

To add content to a drop zone, follow these steps:

1Click the Drop Zone Editor button under the Viewer.

The Drop Zone Editor appears.

2Click the Motion button to turn on the animated menu, or drag the motion playhead to see the animation, so that you can see the other drop zones.

The Drop Zone Editor offers a well for each drop zone.

3To add a video to a drop zone, click the Movies tab to browse videos and then drag a video to the drop zone well in the Drop Zone Editor.

To control the duration of the drop zone’s video, click the drop zone in the Viewer to see the Movie Start / End slider and drag either end to specify the start and end points.

4Click the Photos tab to browse photos and then drag a single photo, a set of selected photos, an album, or an event to the drop zone well.

If you dragged an event or album, you can see the photo slideshow by clicking the drop zone in the Viewer. To adjust the order in which the slides appear in the drop zone, click the Edit Order button to open the Drop Zone Photos Editor. You can then drag thumbnails of the photos to rearrange the slideshow.

5To remove an item from a drop zone, select the drop zone well in the Drop Zone Editor and press the Delete key.

You can also Control-click (or right-click) the image, slideshow, or video in the drop zone and then select the Clear Drop Zone Contents option from the shortcut menu that appears — or simply drag it from the drop zone to a location outside the iDVD window.

6Close the Drop Zone Editor by clicking the Drop Zone Editor button again.

It’s the same button you clicked to open it.