How to Configure Your Wireless Home Network - dummies

How to Configure Your Wireless Home Network

By Lawrence C. Miller

Configuring your wireless home network is a separate step from configuring your wireless access point. You can configure your wireless access point to manage certain configuration information for the devices on your wireless network. For example, your wireless access point can automatically assign IP addresses, IP subnet masks, default gateway addresses, and DNS server addresses to all of your network devices using the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, or DHCP. This greatly simplifies the configuration and management of your home network.

These are the steps to configure a wireless network using a NETGEAR WGR614v7 wireless router. Your steps may be a little different depending on the wireless device you’re using.

1Under Advanced on the left side of the window, click LAN IP Setup.

The LAN IP Setup window appears.

2Under LAN TCP/IP Setup, either use the default settings for IP Address and IP Subnet Mask, or enter a different IP address and subnet mask.

Leave RIP Direction and RIP Version set to their defaults (None and Disabled, respectively).

3In the next section, select the check box next to Use Router as DHCP Server. For the starting IP address, enter the next available host address in your IP address range.

A subnet mask value of 255 indicates the network portion of your IP address, so every host on the network in this example will have a network IP address of 192.168.1. The host portion of the address is the number after the last decimal, so 2 would be the next available host address in this example. (Your wireless access point has host address 1, represented as

4Enter an ending IP address within the same network range.

You should allocate enough IP addresses to cover all the devices (for example, PCs and printers) on your network and a few extra for growth. For the most part, each device will require only one IP address. This example shows an ending IP address of for a total of 20 host addresses (including the wireless access point).

5Click Apply.

This will save your settings.