Ten Tips for Appearing Confident When Leading a Meeting - dummies

Ten Tips for Appearing Confident When Leading a Meeting

By Marty Brounstein, Susan Friedmann, Dirk Zeller

As the leader of a meeting, you want to appear confident and in control. This means being assertive; you express yourself in a positive and confident manner and allow others to do the same. This approach encourages two-way conversations and collaboration.

Here are ten tips you can use to confidently lead a meeting:

  • Listen actively and give direct answers to keep the meeting on target and avoid wasting time.

  • Clarify issues and make sure all participants share and understand all relevant information.

  • Be prepared to change strategy whenever necessary. Watch and listen for reactions.

  • Be supportive of your colleagues, allowing them to make their points first.

  • Critically question exactly what people are saying.

  • Supply accurate supporting data whenever you want to make a point.

  • Avoid any unnecessary interruptions and take control of outside disturbances.

  • Be aware of distracting behavior, such as finger tapping or side talk while others are speaking.

  • Keep your temper under control at all times, unless you deliberately want to lose it!

  • Answer questions truthfully. If you don’t know the answer, say so. Bluffing gets you into trouble every time.