Using DMADV in Lean Six Sigma Business Transformation - dummies

Using DMADV in Lean Six Sigma Business Transformation

By Roger Burghall, Vince Grant, John Morgan

Part of Lean Six Sigma Business Transformation For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Employ this framework of DMADV to design new products, services and processes for your business, as you use Lean Six Sigma Business Transformation for change:

  • Define: Make sure everyone involved knows their role, why you’re doing the project and what you’re trying to achieve with the project. Remember to think about how you can manage this project and who you can call on for help.

  • Measure: This phase provides the framework for the design, where you need to focus on defining and understanding customer needs. It is important to consider what your process capability is at this stage.

  • Analyse: Now you can move from what the customer needs to how you might achieve this. Identify key functions and characteristics. Analyse the functions to check their capability and ensure that they are fit for purpose.

  • Design: At this stage you need to add detail to the various elements of the design. Create an effective and realistic pilot to test and evaluate the capability of the design.

  • Verify: This is where you want to assess the achievements made and the lessons learned. Verify the results in relation to the original specifications and targets.