Justifying Your Project - dummies

By Nick Graham

Part of Project Management Checklists For Dummies Cheat Sheet

This project management checklist helps you check the justification for your project and so generate the basis for a sound Business Case. It’s easy to be too focused on benefits, or even a given level of financial benefits, when you’re thinking about whether a project is justified or not.

However, while achieving business benefits is the most common project justification, it isn’t the only one. Have a look at this list to check your project out.

  • Benefits: Okay, the most common justification first. The project will pay back with business benefits which outweigh the cost and effort involved in running the project.

  • Compliance: You have to run the project whether there are benefits or not. That might be compliance with legal requirements or something like a head office instruction that ‘All regional offices will run a project . . .’

  • Enabling: The project itself won’t deliver benefits, but it will put something in place that will allow other projects or operations to deliver benefits. Infrastructure projects often fall into this category, such as a project to install a new computer network.

  • Maintenance: The project just has to be done, even though there is not any benefit in the normal sense of the word and it’s not mandatory (where it’s needed for legal compliance). Replacing worn out equipment or redecorating the HQ building are often just ‘maintenance’ projects.