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Showcase School Projects as Job Experience

By Roberto Angulo

If this is your first job, you need something to show an employer that you have some history where you’ve performed work or collaborated with others on completing a task or achieving a goal. Ultimately, this is what experience is meant to show. School projects can count as relevant experience, especially if you worked with a group or achieved something that was challenging. Here are some examples:

  • Business case studies: Marketing and business courses often have a project component where you work on a case study or on a real-world challenge that a local business faces. These projects are usually done with a team, and you present the results of your project at the end of the semester. If you worked on a case study that delivered tangible results and feedback to an organization, or if the case study received high marks, list it as part of your experience. These case studies help showcase your ability to work with a team, to think critically, and to solve problems.
  • Technical challenges: Coding projects or technical competitions are great highlights to include on your résumé. For example, participating in online coding challenges where you achieve a certain technical rank is worth nothing. In one extreme, if you’re involved in creating a self-driving car or a robot that can achieve a certain task independently, then employers may heavily recruit you.

Check with your school’s career center to see if it offers an e-portfolio tool to help you keep track of your school projects and writing assignments.