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10 Keys to Having a Personal Branding Mind-set

By Susan Chritton

Applying personal branding in the workplace is not a trend; it’s a survival strategy. Personal branding experts agree that it’s important to stand out: You need to be visible so that people know you have something unique to offer on the job. The personal branding mindset is about standing out from the crowd and more closely resembles how an entrepreneur looks at her work.

By being proactive in the self-management of your career, you can charge forward with opportunity. Here are some tips for you to develop a personal branding mind-set:

  • Have a distinct personal identity. You can’t have a brand unless you’re differentiated. Who you are should show through in everything you do. Be known for something and let your personality show.

  • Make your personal brand your legacy. Actions speak louder than words, so make your actions matter. You’re remembered through your actions, your expertise, and the emotional connections that you make.

  • Find your own voice and use it. Personal branding isn’t about being known as a “sheeple” (a sheep-like person). Follow your own unique voice, not the voices of others.

  • Feel empowered in what you contribute to the world. Give back and share your gifts with your friends, family, workplace, and community. Sharing is part of the personal branding mind-set.

  • Expand your knowledge and growth as a human being through lifelong learning. A strong personal brand can’t be static. Growth and learning help you build and maintain who you are as a person, which is the core of your ever-evolving personal brand.

  • Aim for work/life blending and holistic life success. People’s lives and personal brands have become more and more integrated. Move from a compartmentalized life to an integrated life.

  • Take personal responsibility for yourself. Personal branding asks you to take responsibility for who you are and what you do. Don’t turn the important decisions over to others.

  • Develop your own personal career strategy. Gauge your success based on your individual goals. Understand how your personal brand fits into the workplace. Construct your brand with loyalty to your profession, to a project, to your coworkers, and to yourself.

  • Be open to alternate paths in your life. Embrace fluid, “gig” employment — Hollywood-style. Personal branding is taking ownership of your own career path.

  • Foster relationships and create a strong network. Relationships based on trust and authenticity are crucial to solidifying your personal brand.