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Following a Pre-Interview Checklist

Use a pre-interview checklist to ensure that you’ve completed all the job-search essentials before you meet your potential employer. Use this pre-interview checklist to get yourself prepped for a show-stopping performance.

  • Have you reviewed the requirements for this position?

  • Can you identify which of your qualifications are most relevant for this position?

  • Did you research the position, company, and industry?

  • Do you know how people dress where you’re interviewing?

  • Is your interviewing costume clean, pressed, and ready to go?

  • Do you know where the interviewing site is located and how long it takes to get there?

  • Have you memorized a short “commercial” to highlight your best selling points?

  • Have you rehearsed everything, from small talk to answering potentially dangerous questions?

  • Have you practiced answers to anticipated questions?

  • Have you prepared and memorized a list of questions to ask?

  • Have you researched the market salary for the position?

  • Did you gather everything you need? (Five copies of your resume, list of references, and samples of your work, if necessary.)

Once you knock each question off this checklist, stop cramming and relax. Otherwise, you’ll suffer stage fright. Enter your interview with confidence.