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How to Be Successful Offline at Your Social Media Job

By Brooks Briz, David Rose

Arguably the most important thing that you can do via social media is bridge your online and offline relationships. Though the social media community is full of wonderful people, be cautious when meeting new people. Always meet in public, let at least one other person know where you’ll be, and don’t give out your personal contact information.

Here are some of our favorite ways to start meeting more people offline:

  • Tweetups: A tweetup is when local Twitter users meet locally to network. Sometimes the tweetup is just for fun. Other times it’s for business or to help raise funds for a nonprofit.

  • Local people get together in person because of mutual interest in a cause or hobby. Meetups can be virtually anything, from bicycling to business networking. The more of these connections you can make, the better it is for business in the long haul.


  • This site helps you discover your neighborhood. Knowing what’s going on in your community could help your job search.

  • LinkedIn: Local groups meet for more business. Search for these groups on LinkedIn (with a search query such as social media pros) and use your general geographic area. Sometimes the group administrator must approve your admittance into the group but from there, finding out when and where the meetings are is a breeze.

Almost all social networks organize events locally for users to meet face to face. If you’re not sure where and when they meet, ask some of the people who you communicate with. Look for local influencers; they always know the answer to this question.

Another option is to start organizing your own events. You can organize events ranging from local basketball games, mastermind meetings, and local speaking groups through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Mastermind meetings are where local business leaders come together to share ideas and facilitate business partnerships.