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Design a Digital Résumé on DoYouBuzz

DoYouBuzz is a great option if you want to have a personal website but don’t want to deal with the hassle of starting one from scratch. Setting up your free online résumé with DoYouBuzz is as simple as importing your LinkedIn profile. You’re given this option when you first sign in. Just like with VisualCV, you can create a public résumé and then build customized résumés later.

DoYouBuzz gives you many more layout and color options than VisualCV and presents your résumé more like a web page than as a single document. The Home page in your DoYouBuzz résumé includes all the elements of your résumé on a single page. Then, each major heading of your résumé is made into a separate page.

When you navigate to a subpage, your contact info remains visible on the sidebar. To see some examples of résumés built in DoYouBuzz, type “ resume” into a new Google search.

Some people prefer the layout of a DoYouBuzz résumé and use it as their primary web presence. The interface is clean and simple and allows you to see your traffic statistics, so you can see how many people view your résumé. DoYouBuzz can also export a professional-quality PDF version of your résumé, which you can take with you to the interview or attach to an e-mail.