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Acronyms You Should Know to Get an IT Help Desk Job

By Tyler Regas

Technology and the IT help desk is full of all kinds of interesting and confusing lingo. It can almost seem like a completely alien form of English at times. You should know several acronyms that are associated with technical skills, and many are used for certifications, such as MCSE, CNE, A+, and so on. You may know some terms like USB, SD, or CEO, but even if you do, you are probably not aware of many others.

It’s important to understand that being a nerd does not mean knowing all acronyms, but the list below provides you with a few acronyms you’ll want to know.

There are hundreds more acronyms, and for all manner of technologies. It’s rather overwhelming, to be honest, but it’s not impossible to navigate. As you scan through ads, you will see these and other acronyms. Do your best to make yourself familiar with many of these certifications and make sure to carefully read the ads as you seek work.

Acronym What It Stands For
MCP Microsoft Certified Professional
MCSE Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
MCDST Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician
MOS Microsoft Office Specialist
CCA Citrix Certified Administrator
RHCT Red Hat Certified Technician
CCNP Cisco Certified Network Professional
CHDP Certified Help Desk Professional
CHDM Certified Help Desk Manager
CFST Certified Field Service Technician
ACSP Apple Certified Support Professional
A+ CompTIA’s basic systems knowledge certification (good to