Communicating Professionally during the Social Media Job Interview Process

By Brooks Briz, David Rose

Social media jobs require good communication skills. Your communication skills are put to the test when you take part in the interview process. Whether they’re phone, video, or live interviews, your chances of getting a social media job go up when you practice your communications skills beforehand.

  • Body language communicates without words. Body language includes facial expressions, gestures, and eye contact. Keep in mind the distance between you and the interviewer, how you’re positioned, which way you’re facing, and physical contact.

  • Tone refers to the way you speak, and is associated with volume, inflection, and pace.

  • Grammar, articulation, and word choice are extremely important. The right word or phrase can clarify understanding and confirm your interest.

  • Mirror the person. Communicate the way the person you’re interacting with communicates. Pay attention to power words. Use similar words in the conversation. Pull descriptive words from the company’s website and work them in. And this goes not just for speaking, but for written communication too. If you receive a call, return the call. If you get an email, respond with an email.