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How to Create Flow in a Webinar

By Sharat Sharan, John Carucci

Think of your webinar much like you would a new recipe. After you have assembled all of the ingredients; it’s time to make them all come together.

Like cooking, the webinar is much more than the sum of its parts. And also like cooking, it won’t turn out right if you don’t put your best into it. In a seven-course meal, the food and wines all complement one another to create a culinary flow.

Well, guess what? The success of your webinar also depends on flow. From presenter to slides to speaker to Q&A, the whole event should ebb and flow like an ocean tide.

But flow isn’t always something you can control, although when it happens, it’s a beautiful thing.

To improve your chances, you should practice each part of your webinar, separately and together. Consider the following during your practice sessions:

  • Speak up before the speaking begins: The host and speakers play a big part in making sure the show moves along nicely while informing and entertaining the audience, but all that begins at the planning stage. Be sure to pick interesting, skilled speakers and have a good script for them (no matter who writes it).

  • Time management: Although it’s not show business, you still want to keep the audience wanting more, so after each section makes its point, be sure to keep the show moving. Practice helps you and your team set a comfortable pace that hopefully avoids any awkward transitions.

  • Pace the content: Switch it up between passive listening and active participation. For example, after your first speaker, break things up a bit by switching gears. You can send the audience a poll to complete or show a video clip. Maintaining flow often deals with this type of tempo.

  • Keep the boring stuff in check: Sometimes it’s necessary to provide the audience with announcements, disclaimers, and technical information. Just try to drop it in sparingly. In other words, don’t say it all at once; otherwise, it will act as a buzz-kill to your webinar.