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How to Create a Webinar Agenda

By Sharat Sharan, John Carucci

Just as an NFL coach plans a complex strategy for an upcoming game, or a law student studies different topics for the bar exam, the success of a webinar depends on having a clearly structured agenda.

Conversely, if you haphazardly run your meeting, chances are that some topics will run longer or shorter than allotted, and ultimately some key subject would go under-discussed. When you miss delivering critical points within each section, it can diminish the webinar’s effectiveness. That, in turn, translates into a waste of time for your audience.

Having an agenda simply allows you to allocate the proper amount of time for each section. Although it’s merely a list of topics and discussion points for the meeting, it creates a more cohesive experience that hopefully will promote discussion when it comes to implementing new policies, understanding new procedures, or introducing a new product, because that, after all, is the goal of any meeting.

Besides, it’s better than the contrary: having your participants lose of an hour of their lives they’ll never get back.

Here are some aspects to consider for your agenda:

  • Yes, you need one: Whether it’s a quarterly progress meeting, an information session on the rollout for a new dependent care policy in the workplace, or the launch of a new tablet device that comes in a new shape, make sure you have an agenda for presenting it.

  • Keep it relevant: If you want to keep your audience engaged, be sure the topics are relevant to everyone who is logged on.

  • Take suggestions: Reach out to your audience before the webinar to gauge their interest in topics for the meeting.

  • Know your topics ahead of time: If you want to sound like an expert, don’t assume it happens from staying at a Holiday Inn Express. Instead, try to understand the topic and subject matter. Remember, if participants smell incompetence, they will not stick around.

  • Have an alert team: Because your support staff needs to focus on the webinar, urge them to pay attention and to refrain from using their cell phones or making fantasy football trades while it’s going on.