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4 Effective Uses for a Webinar

By Sharat Sharan, John Carucci

Webinars have created a true David and Goliath moment, with the size of an organization not playing a factor in its reach and scope. The small upstart that covers three counties in northern California can technically reach the same audience of a multinational corporation.

Although it’s a level playing field, you still need to let people know about the topic of your webcast. Entire books are dedicated to techniques for reaching out to a mass audience, but you can start with an e-mail blast and by using social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Webinars also share some similarities to a physical meeting in that both provide a forum for reaching out to large groups of people. Both are live performances that make the audience an important part of the process. And like their physical counterpart, webinars come in many sizes and styles. Yet, the webinar offers some advantages that go beyond making the participant feel like they’re in an episode of The Jetsons.

How to make an employee meeting webinar

Distance no longer acts as a nemesis to those not near the meeting site. Whether they’re across the country or around the globe, webinars can bring employees together.

Topics range from changes in their 401(k), preparation for an upcoming sales conference, or those quarterly staff meetings — you know, the ones that happen just for the heck of it. Even if the webinar is about the new water cooler, these meetings keep everyone informed, and more importantly let them get back to work immediately.

Why it’s effective:

  • Lets employees get back to work right away

  • Saves on travel

  • Convenience promotes attention

How to make a webinars a training session

What if you logged onto to a webinar that explained how to produce a webinar? (Would it be like looking in the mirror?) Now imagine you can use this format to teach and train people on a whole variety of things. Whether you’re an educational provider, a family historian, or company that needs to bring staff up-to-date on new technology, webinars can reach a wide audience.

Why it’s effective:

  • Keeps staff up to date on procedure

  • Incurs fewer lost work hours

  • Brings the classroom to the comfortable environment of the computer screen

How to use webinars for marketing

Technology and marketing have always had a productive marriage and that relationship has gotten a second honeymoon with the webinar. That’s because companies have always depended on meetings and demonstrations to generate new business. But meetings did have a high cost, especially travel and venue expenses. Taking location out of the equation makes them affordable and saves time.

Why it’s effective:

  • Gets the word out quicker

  • Is convenient for both the marketer and potential customer

  • Lets you bring the presentation to multiple locations simultaneously

How webinars can be used for talent development

Talent development includes training new hires and developing employees for leadership positions within your organization. In addition, today more than ever, organizations are changing procedures and adapting new policies, so it’s important for staff to be aware of it. In a sense, it’s like organizational education, and that’s become essential for both organizations and the individual because it provides a breeding ground for future managers and specialists.

Webinars make this process more accessible by allowing the interested parties to determine when and where to participate in any work-related sessions. Sometimes that takes place while they’re sitting at their desk in front of their computer screen. Other times, it’s on the treadmill at the gym from their smartphone.

Why it’s effective:

  • Enables efficient training of personnel and saves time

  • Provides both the organization and individual with opportunity

  • Effectively communicates to organizations and individuals