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Tips for Creating a Memorable Logo for Your Food Truck

By Richard Myrick

Establishing a logo for your food truck helps people remember your business and think of it when they’re in the mood to order something from a food truck. For some people, designing a logo is an exciting task that allows them to tap into their creative side. For others, it can be a dreaded chore with too many options to choose from.

When creating a logo to use for your business, think about how you want it to be perceived, because every element in it matters. It’s like developing the perfect recipe. Everything needs to be of high quality (the colors, fonts, background, image, and so forth) and in the right quantity. Make sure your logo is completely authentic and infused with your personality. It needs to also convey your concept.

So where do you begin? Whether you’re designing your logo yourself or are hiring someone to help, having a clear idea of what you’re looking for will help you get to the finish line in no time. Here are some tips:

  • Keep it simple. The simpler your logo, the easier it will be to recall. After all, being memorable is the primary purpose of your branding for a food truck business. So hone in on your brand’s core message, pair it down to two or three key phrases, and then use these phrases as starting points for conceptualizing relevant shapes, colors, or actions.

    For example, the color yellow can define cheer, happiness, joy, playful, sunshine, and warmth, or you can choose to use concentric circles to represent continuity and shelter. If you get too fanciful and complicated, your logo’s meaning may get lost, and customers may not be able to identify it. You don’t want people looking at your logo and asking whether it’s supposed to be a hamburger or some sort of plant.

  • Don’t be too literal. Subtlety is the key to an effective logo design. The fundamental goal of the design is to spark recognition by the viewer as quickly as possible, and that relies on simplicity. Don’t use fancy fonts or complicated images. No one likes logos that take several minutes to understand their meaning.

  • Stay away from trends. Your logo can be with you for years, whereas what’s cool today can be tired and dated tomorrow. Trends come and go, but a timeless logo needs little tweaking to adapt to new ages.

  • Select size carefully. Keep in mind that what matters is not how big your logo is, but how big its elements are in relation to each other. If your logo is poorly proportioned, important parts may become hard to recognize when it’s shrunk down for smaller usage (such as on your website or business cards).

    Similarly, when you blow it up for the truck, other elements may dominate. Keep your logo design to a logical ratio.

  • Stick with a limited color range. Try to use a maximum of three or four colors. This tactic helps ensure that you’re using each color for a specific reason.

  • Make your logo easy to describe. The golden rule of branding your food truck is that a logo must be describable. Like Nike’s “swoosh” or McDonald’s “golden arches,” your logo needs a simplicity and uniqueness that can be conveyed by description. Clear colors and describable shapes make your logo more memorable for those seeing it, which, after all, is its primary purpose.

Now that you understand the basic principles of good logo design, you’re on your way to designing the perfect logo for your food truck business. Let your creativity flow and start by brainstorming many different designs. Try out a few of the final contenders with friends and family to get their feedback.

If you have problems coming up with a logo design you’re excited about, hire a professional graphic design agency to assist you with this task. The main benefit of hiring an agency is that you get a team of designers who have industry experience and know what type of colors, fonts, and graphics work best for the mobile industry.

You can find many graphic design firms by getting referrals from food truck owners who have already developed their graphics. Or another resource may be food truck builders in your area who typically use one or two different graphic design companies to help them design the graphics for their clients.