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Web Marketing: How to Best Use the Upper-Right Quadrant

By John Arnold, Michael Becker, Marty Dickinson, Ian Lurie, Elizabeth Marsten

The upper-right quadrant (URQ) of a page on your business website is one of the most critical areas for marketing purposes because it’s the first place people see when they arrive.

For CustomPak, practically anything you would want to do on this website is featured in the URQ, including requesting a quote, contacting staff, viewing samples, calling for a quote, and making a request online.


Another use of the URQ would be to eliminate a buying objection before the question even arises. In the website for Music Mates, the URQ is used for the sole purpose of showing visitors that the company has been in this online business for quite a while — since 1995!


There are no rules as to exactly what should be placed in the URQ, but this is an important area to test and modify often to see whether leads and sales increase or decrease. Yes, even a simple change to the upper-right quadrant of your website can impact your results. Here are some additional things to test in the URQ of your website:

  • Your phone number (most popular addition to the URQ)

  • A special promotion that you’ve never offered

  • Important company news, like a finalized merger or new product release

  • A testimonial or celebrity endorsement

  • A photo with a recognized authority figure in your industry

  • An award image

  • Better Business Bureau badge

  • Image of your new book cover

  • Search box so that visitors can search for a topic or specific product