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Keeping Your Web Marketing Newsletter Address List Up-to-date

By Jan Zimmerman

Starting a web marketing newsletter is a useful opportunity to clean out and update your e-mail address list. Any e-mail addresses that have been in your database for more than a year are suspect, on the surface. Here are some ways to keep your address list up-to-date:

  • Send everyone in your database a bulk e-mail asking for opt-in e-mail confirmation, and then delete addresses that are no longer valid.

  • Most list servers and template newsletters automatically test subscriber e-mails to make sure addresses are current. Delete the bounced addresses from your list.

  • If you have a list of print addresses without e-mail, send a prepaid business-reply postcard announcing your newsletter. Be sure to request opt-in permission and an e-mail address on the reply card, and provide a link to sign up online.

Most providers of e-mail services segregate undeliverable e-mail addresses before sending your first message, or they record them as bounces. This strategy keeps your newsletter list up-to-date, but your base contact list might now be out of sync. You might need to delete undeliverable e-mail addresses from your source file as well.

Maintaining and grooming your list is an ongoing process. Between mailings, add new names to your list and review blocked or otherwise undeliverable ones.

What about e-mailing to that carton of business cards you collected at trade shows and networking events? If you didn’t get permission to add them to a newsletter list when you acquired them, you must send a confirmation link or postcard to obtain an explicit opt-in.