How to Capitalize on Internal Resources for Your Video Marketing Campaign - dummies

How to Capitalize on Internal Resources for Your Video Marketing Campaign

By Kevin Daum, Bettina Hein, Matt Scott, Andreas Goeldi

You may have friends or company colleagues who want to volunteer their time on your video marketing project. Including fellow employees as cast members for internal videos is especially smart — not just because it saves money but also because staff members enjoy watching themselves and their colleagues in videos.

The company benefits from having its message communicated widely, and from the positive environment that videos create when everyone takes the time to enjoy watching them.

Tap in to the people on this list to find actors or crew members, and to procure any locations or props you may need:

  • Colleagues: If you’re making a business video, involving people from your company makes it fun and more likely that everyone will spread the word to promote your finished product.

  • Friends: If you haven’t asked your friends for a favor for a while, now is the perfect time to do it. You may know someone with the perfect look, or maybe your friend does. Leave no stone unturned.

  • Family members: Now you can return the favor for all those embarrassing videos of you that your parents shot when you were young. Family members are great choices for older actors and extras.

  • Business partners: Your vendors and suppliers have a vested interest in your business doing well, and they probably wouldn’t mind having an opportunity to help you succeed. Let them review your needs list, and you may be surprised at what they’re willing and able to come up with to help you reach your goal.

Try the following step-by-step approach to procuring challenging needs:

  1. Search.

    Google is definitely your friend when you want to search for hard-to-find needs. If you can’t find what you need reasonably nearby, consider alternatives that fit in with the video concept.

  2. Offer.

    Make your company’s services available in exchange for using the truck for a day. Ask only reasonable favors of the owner, and find ways to make loaning the item convenient for the owner.

  3. Compensate.

    Always give the person who loans you something an item or service of value in return for their expense, time, and trouble. Even if you can’t pay money, come up with innovative barter ideas that give value in exchange for their help.

    If you create a win-win situation, you should have no problem getting everything you need to make your video. Just be sure to schedule enough time to keep everyone happy.