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How to Add Information to Your Visual Social Marketing Vine Videos

By Krista Neher

After you have recorded your visual social marketing Vine video, you will arrive at the Share screen. On this screen, you can add information to your video and share it.


How to add a caption to your visual social marketing Vine video

The first part of the Share screen invites you to add a caption to the video. The caption, the text below your Vine video, should describe your video in an interesting way. The caption should entice a viewer to want to watch your video.

Keep the caption short. If you choose to share your Vine video on Twitter or Facebook, the caption is shared with the link to the video.

The caption doesn’t simply display below the video — it’s also used to describe the video when it’s shared on other social networks.

How to add Location to your visual social marketing Vine video

This option is available only in the Apple version of Vine. Clicking the Add a Location option lets you add a location from Foursquare, a location-based social network.

How to add to a channel to your visual social marketing Vine video

When users are exploring Vine and looking for new videos to watch, one way that they can browse is by channel. A channel includes Vine videos from multiple users and is basically a category that you can assign to your video. To increase the exposure of your Vine video, add it to a relevant channel so that it can be discovered by other Vine viewers.

How to post your visual social marketing Vine video to Vine

You can turn the Post to Vine option on or off. Turning it off hides your Vine video from other users on Vine. Also, if you choose not to post to Vine, you can’t share your video on Facebook or Twitter.

How to post your visual social marketing Vine video Twitter and Facebook

The Twitter and Facebook buttons let you share your vine immediately to Twitter or Facebook. To access this functionality, you must connect your Vine account to Twitter or Facebook. When the video is shared, it automatically includes the caption you created.

How to add people to your visual social marketing Vine video

In the top navigation menu, an icon of a person with a plus sign (+) beside it lets you tag people (add them to your video). Clicking this button adds the at-sign (@) to the screen and provides a drop-down list of Vine users you may want to tag.

You can either click on the user to add the username to your caption or use the at-sign to manually add someone. Using the at-sign and a username lets you tag people in your video. When you tag a user, that person is notified in their notifications on Vine.

How to add tags to your visual social marketing Vine video

The Tag button, which is in the top navigation menu, looks like a tag with a plus sign (+) beside it. It lets you create tags to describe your video.

Tags (also known as hashtags) describe what your video is about. Though your caption can include a number of words that describe your video, words with the hashtag (#) in front of them are indicating the general theme of your video.

On Vine, videos are explored with hashtags. When exploring and searching for new videos to view, Vine searches for hashtags, not just words in the caption of your video.

For example, if you add the caption “The sunrise over Cincinnati” to your video, it doesn’t show up in any searches on Vine, because the caption doesn’t contain any hashtags. Instead, if the caption says, “The #sunrise over #Cincinnati,” your Vine video may appear whenever users search for #sunrise and #Cincinnati.

On Apple devices, the last two options — Adding Tags and Adding People —appear only after you click to start adding information to the caption. These options aren’t in the top navigation, but are in the center of the screen.

Add relevant hashtags to your captions. Using hashtags makes your Vine videos more discoverable and can lead to more views and exposure.