Having Geosocial Fun in Your Web Marketing

By Jan Zimmerman

Each of the geosocial services described in the following list offers somewhat different rewards and options to your web marketing campaign, so explore to find the ones that best serve your needs:

  • Foursquare lets business owners manage a variety of rewards based on frequency of use, new use, or other factors; users earn virtual badges.

  • Gowalla combines business offers with game-style activities, such as picking up or leaving articles in a location (as in geocaching), and rewards users with virtual “stamps.” For every location displayed on the screen, viewers can see how many other Gowalla Passport holders visited and how many times they checked in.

  • Loopt enables users to share comments, photos, and personal recommendations with friends for a particular location in real-time; friends can compete to win rewards for merchants.

  • Twitter lets users opt in to include geotags with their tweets. Some third-party developers use this feature already: Some examples are Twellowhood, Twitter Local, Twitter Nano, and NearbyTweets. Twitter is now using geotagging within its Promoted Products to expand advertising opportunities.

  • Yelp, a well-known restaurant review site, has added a location-based, check-in feature to its smartphone version.

For a creative use of Foursquare, see how Earthjustice integrated Foursquare with billboards in a fundraising campaign, as shown in the following illustration. The campaign drove traffic from mobile devices to the Earthjustice website.

To raise funds, Earthjustice used a Foursquare call to action on billboards. [Credit: Courtesy of E
Credit: Courtesy of Earthjustice/earthjustice.org
To raise funds, Earthjustice used a Foursquare call to action on billboards.