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5 Types of Visual Social Marketing Images to Create

By Krista Neher

To maximize the return on your time investment, focus on visual social marketing elements that are more likely to get the results you want. One way to do this is to create visuals of content that has already been popular on social media. For example, if you tweet a quote that generates a lot of comments, replies, or retweets, make it a visual post on Pinterest and Facebook.

How to use inspirational quotes for visual social marketing

Inspirational quotes are extremely popular on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. People often like, comment on, and share quotes that they think their friends might benefit from.

The trick to using inspirational quotes is to find quotes that are interesting and emotional — but not overused. These quotes are most likely to be shared by your fans.

To create an inspirational quote image, start with the quote. Be careful to avoid quotes that are very long, because they may be difficult to fit into a graphic that’s viewable on social networks such as Facebook and Pinterest.

Often, the best image quotes have subtle branding. Consider the right way to share your quote as an image.


How to use real-life images for visual social marketing

Sometimes you can easily get so caught up in creating graphics for visual social marketing that you forget to use the visual content that’s right in front of you. If you have a highly visual product, such as a retail store or restaurant or a physical product, this strategy works well. Even if you don’t have a visual product, you can still use this strategy.

One image trend you’ll see on social networks is that consumers have an appetite for real-life pictures of real-life objects taken by real people. People are skeptical of perfectly produced, professionally photographed products because they know that the product they buy might not actually look the same as the one in a photo.

For this reason, taking pictures on the go is a helpful way to increase the credibility of your visual marketing efforts. Take pictures of your products in action, such as a daily special or a new product coming off the production line. Snap a photo of a happy customer or a new promotional piece that you just created for your business.

Here are some examples of a variety of real-life businesses using real-life photos in their strategy.


How to use stock photos with text for visual social marketing

If you have no real-life images to use to tell your story, consider purchasing stock photos or selecting photos from free photography sites to create visual content from existing professional images. You can find lots of amazing, low-cost photos that are easy to buy online and that you can use to create visual content.

The advantage of using stock photos is that you don’t have to worry about taking pictures or purchasing licensing rights that may arise from images you take yourself. A stock photo can also be a quick way to find a highly relevant image.

Here are examples of how stock photos with text can be created and used in your visual social marketing efforts. These types of images are useful in blog posts and on Facebook and Pinterest.


How to use cartoons for visual social marketing

Cartoons can make eye-catching and interesting graphics, which is why they’ve been a staple of print newspapers for many years. Cartoons help brands create stories from visual content and share their personalities.

Though cartoons can seem difficult to create, you have a few options for creating appealing ones: You can hire a cartoon artist, use a cartoon application on a smartphone or tablet, or draw one by using the drawing software on your computer. If you need only one frame for the cartoon, you may even be able to purchase it from a stock photography site and add text to it yourself.

The key to success for most cartoons is humor. The distinguishing factor of most cartoons versus other types of graphics is that they’re generally funny. If humor doesn’t come naturally to you, you may want to skip this image strategy. You can see how businesses are harnessing the power of cartoons below.


How to use collages for visual social marketing

If you have a number of photos of a single item, or from a single event, sharing them as a collage may be better than individually posting similar pictures.

The advantage of creating collages is that you can share many pictures at one time. Individually posting similar pictures to social networks can become redundant and burn out your audience. Instead, a collage creates a beautiful and interesting display of many of your photos at one time.

Collages can be created using photo editing software on your computer. The easiest way to create collages is to use photos from a smartphone or tablet. Many mobile applications for creating collages are available, and you can easily create one in only a few minutes using these apps.

One of the more popular collage apps is Instacollage. As its name suggests, it creates collages almost instantly.