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Interview and Choose Suppliers for Your Food Truck Business

By Richard Myrick

You don’t want a supplier with a shabby operation providing your food truck with food that will be attached to your brand. When it’s time to meet your supplier candidates, be sure to meet them at their facility or warehouse (if they’re local). Doing so allows you to see how they store and handle their merchandise before delivering it to their clients.

Look for cleanliness and organization; a dirty or unorganized facility tells you that they don’t take their business seriously, so why would that change in how they feel about yours?

Here are some questions to ask a supplier during an interview:

  • How long has your company been in business?

  • What are your payment terms and return policy?

  • Do you have online shopping available?

  • Do you have a minimum order; if so, what is it?

  • What is your delivery schedule for this area?

  • Do you place food items in coolers or walk-in freezers?

  • What discounts do you have (volume, early payment, cash, and so on)?

After you’ve interviewed each supplier candidate, you must select one for each of the items you need to purchase for your menu. (Note that one supplier may be able to supply multiple items from your list.) Take the following into consideration as you select your supplier(s):

  • How the candidate answered your questions

  • Whether he has competitive pricing

  • His ability to meet the standards you’re looking for in your food and service

  • Whether he’s received good referrals from food truck or restaurant owners in your area