A Planning Checklist for Your Sales Presentation - dummies

A Planning Checklist for Your Sales Presentation

By Julie M. Hansen

Part of Sales Presentations For Dummies Cheat Sheet

A sales presentation that is tailored to address your prospect’s unique needs and interests is a prerequisite for success. Use the following checklist to help you gather key information about your prospect and the opportunity.

The opportunity

___ Identify the opportunity.

___ Qualify the prospect.

___ Set an actionable goal.

___ Identify the challenge.

___ Discover the trigger event.

___ Determine the current solution.

The impact

___ Establish the impact of the problem.

___ Identify the impact of the solution.

___ Determine key performance indicators (KPI).

___ Confirm timing and expectations.

The competition

___ Identify the competition.

___ Research buying history.

___ Do a competitive analysis.

The logistics

___ Determine who will be at your presentation.

___ Agree on the format.

___ Establish the time and date.

___ Confirm the venue.

___ Make arrangements to set up.

___ Determine your travel needs.

The audience

___ Identify roles.

___ Get contact information.

___ Schedule discovery calls.

___ Conduct discovery conversations.

___ Define point of view and personal impact.

___ Confirm your audience’s decision-making process.