Know Your Responsibilities as an eBay User - dummies

Know Your Responsibilities as an eBay User

By Marsha Collier

After you fill in your required information and scroll down, you should click the links to see the eBay User Agreement and Privacy Policy. At this page, you take an oath to keep eBay safe for democracy and commerce.

You promise to play well with others, to not cheat, and to follow the golden rule. No, you’re not auditioning for a superhero club, but don’t ever forget that eBay takes this stuff seriously. You can be kicked off eBay or worse. (Can you say, “Federal investigation”?)

Be sure to read the User Agreement thoroughly when you register. The nuts and bolts are provided here:

  • You understand that every transaction is a legally binding contract. (Click the User Agreement link at the bottom of any eBay page for the current eBay rules and regulations.)

  • You agree that you can pay for the items you buy and the eBay fees that you incur.

  • You understand that you’re responsible for paying any taxes.

  • You’re aware that if you sell prohibited items, eBay can forward your personal information to law enforcement for further investigation.

  • eBay makes clear that it is just a venue, which means it’s a place where people with similar interests can meet, greet, and do business.

When everything goes well, the eBay website is like a school gym that opens for Saturday swap meets. At the gym, if you don’t play by the rules, you can get tossed out. But if you don’t play by the rules at eBay, the venue gets un-gymlike in a hurry. But fair’s fair; eBay keeps you posted by e-mail of any updates in the User Agreement.

If you’re a stickler for fine print, head here for all the Ps and Qs of the latest policies.