How to Use the My eBay Sold Page - dummies

By Marsha Collier

Clicking the Sold link takes you to a list of all the items you’ve sold on eBay. The Sold page keeps a concise view of your sales in one place. You can use this page in lieu of fancy management software; it actually offers you some very accessible actions.

If you’re selling hundreds of items, your list will probably be too long to monitor individual items — but you can view the total current price of the items that sold on the left.


The Sold items page has the following features and information, which you’ll find helpful in completing your transactions:

  • Check box: Select the check box next to an item listing to perform a task on one or more of them. Options you see at the top of the list of items include Add to List, Add Note, Add Tracking Number, and Print Shipping Labels.

  • Buyer’s user ID and feedback rating: The eBay User ID of the winner of the sale.

  • Total Items: If the transaction was for multiple items, the number of items is displayed here.

  • Item title: A direct link to the auction. You can click this link to check on your auction and see the other bidders, should you want to make a Second Chance Offer.

  • Tracking number: You can add or edit a shipment tracking number here — as well as click the number to view the shipment’s progress and when it was delivered.

  • Sale price: The final selling price for your item.

  • Shipping price: If the buyer paid extra for shipping, the amount will appear under the sale price, or you will see the word Free.

  • Sale date: Keep an eye on the end date so you can be sure you get your payment as agreed.

  • Actions: Under this heading, you find a hidden drop-down list (More Actions) that works with the transaction, offering options for various actions you can take. Here are a few of the more important ones:

    • Contact Buyer: When you choose this option, a window appears where you can send a buyer a note regarding his or her order.

    • View PayPal Transaction: This option takes you to the transaction’s page on PayPal. (You’ll have to sign in to your PayPal account.)

    • Print Shipping Label: You can print a shipping label from here.

    • Leave Feedback: Leave feedback with a single click once you’ve heard that the item arrived safely and your customer is happy.

    • Second Chance Offer: This option appears only in the case of an auction where there were underbidders (losers). Click here to make a Second Chance offer to one of your underbidders if you have multiple items for sale.

    • Sell Similar: When you want to list a similar item (or relist a sold one) you can do it quickly here.

    • Report This Buyer: If you have a problem with your transaction because a buyer violates any rules, click here to let eBay know.

    • Relist: Use this option to relist your item on the site.

  • Icons: My eBay has several icons that appear dimmed until you perform an action from the Actions drop-down menu. You may also click the icons at the top of the list to sort your listings by auctions completed, although most sellers prefer to keep the listings in the default chronological order (with newest sale date on top). Here’s what the icons mean:

    • Mini Calculator: The buyer has completed checkout (supplying a shipping address and a planned payment method).

    • Dollar sign: The buyer has paid using PayPal, or you’ve noted that the buyer has paid with a different form of payment available on the drop-down list within the sale record.

    • Shipping box: You’ve indicated that the item has shipped.

    • Star with Pen: You’ve left feedback for the buyer.

    • Star on an envelope: The buyer has left you feedback.