How to Track Your Buying Activity on eBay - dummies

By Marsha Collier

The Buy page is the hub for keeping track of your eBay bids, your wins, items you’re watching, and any items you didn’t win. This area of my eBay helps you control everything you’re currently shopping for on the site.


When you place a bid, eBay registers it in the Bids/Offers area and displays a clickable link to the item.


When shopping, if you don’t check on your mobile device, make the bidding page a daily stop on eBay, so you can see the status of your bids:

  • Bid amounts in green indicate that you’re the high bidder in the auction.

  • Bid amounts in red indicate that your bid is losing. If you want to increase your bid, simply click the auction title to go to the auction.

  • The Your Max Bid area reminds you of the amount of your highest bid; if you see a bid that surpasses your own, you’ll know it’s time to throw in another bid to stay in the game.

  • As auctions on which you’ve bid end, they are transferred to the Didn’t Win section or the purchase page, based on your success or failure in the bidding process.

You can make notations on your bidding or item-watching. Just click the drop-down menu to the right of the item you want to annotate, click the Add Note button, and then add the information.


Didn’t win

The Didn’t Win page is a very sad place. Clicking this link in the Buy section brings you to a page that lets you know when you’ve been outbid and lost the opportunity to purchase an item. This option is a handy tool that lets you search the seller’s other items for something similar, or search the category for a similar item.

eBay Bucks

Loyalty programs keep you coming back for more, and eBay Bucks gives you rewards for the money you spend on eBay. Every calendar quarter, eBay totals up the amount you’ve spent on the site in qualifying categories and issues an eBay Bucks certificate worth two percent of your total. This certificate can be used toward the purchase of any item on the site for the following quarter after it’s issued.