How to Stimulate Sales from the My eBay Unsold Page - dummies

How to Stimulate Sales from the My eBay Unsold Page

By Marsha Collier

The my eBay Unsold page indicates the items that didn’t sell. To get to that area, scroll way down the page or click the Unsold link under the Sell header (on the Activity tab at the left side of the page).

You can take several actions on this page to get your items back up for sale. You can bulk-relist by placing check marks in the boxes to the left of the listings and then clicking the Relist button at the top.

But wait! Before you automatically relist, find out whether there’s a reason your item didn’t sell. Run a search on the item to see whether someone else is selling the same thing at a bargain-basement price. If so, perhaps you could lower your price, or better yet, rethink your title and description. You can also opt to wait a few weeks to see if the competition runs out of stock.

Some of the actions you can easily perform on this page:

  • Relist: Use this option so that you can get a free relist credit for the first run of an auction if your item sells the second time. You may relist in bulk or one item at a time, hopefully giving your listing a thorough once over (and tweaking the title or description) to better improve the listing’s appearance in search results.

  • Sell Similar: Try this if the item hasn’t sold after a second auction relisting (or if the item is a similar fixed-price item). This option starts the cycle in eBay’s computer fresh as new.

  • Relist as Fixed Price: If an auction didn’t succeed, perhaps the item would be best as a Fixed Price listing (consider adding the Make Offer option as well).

  • Add to List: Use this option for items that you would like to add to a list. You can start a new list or use eBay’s suggestions for Watch List, Wish List, Research, or Gift Ideas.