How to Search for eBay Items by Seller - dummies

By Marsha Collier

One search option in the eBay Items search area helps you find items by seller. After spending time on eBay, you’ll find that you have favorite sellers. You can always access a seller’s other items for sale by clicking the View Seller’s Other Items link on a listing page.

If you intend to follow the items for sale from certain sellers, it’s a good idea to save them in your my eBay page lists.

Here’s a way to see whether one of your competing sellers has an item like yours up for sale:

  1. Click the By Seller link under Items in the Advanced Search box.

  2. On the resulting page, type the eBay user ID of the seller you want to find.

  3. Select options to filter the listings that the search will return.

    Your options include

    • Show Completed Listings Only: Select this check box if you want to see listings that this specific seller has completed in the past.

      You can choose to see all current and previous auctions, as well as auctions that have ended in the last day, last week, or past 15 days.

    • Show Close and Exact User ID Matches: Sometimes you may not remember the exact User ID of someone. For example, someone may use an underscore that you have forgotten. When you click this option, you see all IDs that are similar to what you typed.


  4. Choose the order in which you want to see search results from the Sort By drop-down list.

    If you want to see the auctions that are closing right away, choose Time Ending Soonest.

  5. Choose how many items you want to see on a page from the Results per Page drop-down list.

  6. Click the Search button.