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How to Relist Items on eBay without Extra Work

By Marsha Collier

One of the most efficient ways to run an eBay business is to stock the same item in quantity. After getting some eBay experience under your belt, you’re bound to find several items that you’re comfortable selling. When you have all these items lying around the garage, your goal is to get them into buyers’ hands at a profit.

In addition to your own store, you should be running auctions or seven day listings on the eBay site. Why? They are the key to drawing buyers into your store to purchase (or notice) your other items.

Some sellers buy items in such bulk that they’re stocked with the item to sell once a week for the next few years! That’s a good thing only if the product is a staple item that will always have a market on eBay.

Relist after a sale

Yeah! Your space-age can opener with a built-in DVD player sold at auction! Since you have three dozen more to sell, the quicker you can get that item back up on the site, the sooner you’ll connect with the next customer.

When bidders lose an auction on eBay, one of the first things they do is search for somebody offering the same item. The sooner you get an item relisted (or similarly listed in a fixed-price sale), the sooner a disappointed underbidder will find your item. Of course, relisting the item also makes it available to other interested bidders who may not have seen the item before.

If at first you don’t succeed

Boo! Your Dansk Maribo dinner plate didn’t sell. Don’t take it personally. It’s not that someone out there doesn’t love you. It doesn’t mean your merchandise is trash. It’s just that this particular week, no one was looking for Maribo plates.

Often eBay shoppers shop with no discernable pattern. No one may want your item at a certain price one week, and then you may sell five or six the next week.

When relisting, you often need to make adjustments. Perhaps the keywords in your title aren’t drawing people to your listing. To help you figure out whether the problem is you or the market, search for other, similar items to see whether anyone is buying. If there’s just no bidding activity (you’re selling bikinis in January?), perhaps that item needs to be retired from eBay for a while.

Consider some other variables. Are other items selling on the site with a lower starting price? If you can comfortably lower your price, do so. If not, wait until other sellers run out of the item. Then put yours up for auction — you may just get more bidding action if you’re one of the few sellers offering the same item.

eBay is a supply and demand marketplace. If the supply exceeds the demand, prices go down. If you have an item that sells as fast as you can list it, prices go up.

Time to relist (or Sell Similar)

eBay gives you many ways to relist an item. The seller’s version of a sold item (only the seller sees this when he or she is signed in) includes the Sell a Similar Item link. If you happen to be at the item page, this link will work. The most convenient place to handle relisting will be from your my eBay page.


To sell a similar item, from the my eBay: Sold page, click the More Actions drop-down list next to the listing and choose the Sell Similar option. Now the review step of the Sell an Item form appears. You can make any changes you want — or not!

You can go to the my eBay: Unsold page to relist unsold items for a possible listing-fee credit (in the case of auctions) in the same fashion.