How to Make Your eBay Store Name Official - dummies

By Marsha Collier

In most states, you can find funny liner ads in the classified section of the local newspaper. They’re called fictitious name statements. No, the statements aren’t fictitious, but in effect, the names are — and as such, they need to be registered with your state before you can open a bank account in a business’s name.

This is also referred to as your DBA (or Doing Business As) name. They let the state know who owns and operates a business. In California, you must file a fictitious name statement within 40 days of the commencement of your business. Your statement must also include a physical address where the business is operated — not a post office box address.

Before you assume that registering a name isn’t required in your state, check with your state’s business code. Some states, such as Indiana, require that you register the assumed name of your business with the Secretary of State.

All kinds of expensive services on the Internet are more than willing to handle the work for you for a fat fee. Don’t spend too much of your money if you don’t have to. If newspaper publication is required, look for a small community newspaper or business journal and call them to see whether they handle this type of legal ad.

Most small publications are 90 percent supported by the money they make on filing legal ads. They’re the experts on this type of filing. Plus, you get to help out another small business in your community. Every five years, it’s a good thing to file your company’s DBA (Doing Business As) with the nice lady at the local newspaper office.

When it comes to renewals, consider going to your state’s website and you may be able to renew for a small fee online or through the mail.

In the states requiring publication, your fictitious name statement must be published in an adjudicated newspaper for a certain amount of time. Ostensibly, this is to let the community know that a business is starting and who owns it. The newspaper supplies you with a proof of publication, which you keep in your files as a record. You generally have to renew the statement after a prescribed number of years.

After you have your officially stamped proof of publication, you can bring that to the bank and open an account in your business name, which is an important step in separating your personal living expenses from the business.