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How to Find Stuff to Sell on eBay

By Marsha Collier

Finding merchandise to sell on eBay is as easy as checking your garage and as tough as climbing up to the attic. Just about anything you bought and stashed away (because you didn’t want it, forgot about it, or it didn’t fit) is fair game.

Think about all those unwanted birthday and holiday presents (hey, it was the thought that counted — and the givers may have forgotten about them, too). Now you have a place you can try to unload them for cash. They could even make someone else happy.

In your closet, find what’s just hanging around:

  • Clothing that no longer fits or is out of fashion. (Do you really want to keep it if you wouldn’t be caught dead in it or you know it will never fit?) Don’t forget the pair of shoes you wore once and put away.

    You may not get top dollar for used items, but selling them will give you experience, build your feedback, and fill your pocket with a few well-earned dollars.

  • Any item with a brand-name label that’s in new or almost-new condition.

  • Gifts. Have you received many well-meaning gifts that you’ve never used? You stashed them in the closet, right? One man’s trash is another man’s (or woman’s) treasure.

  • Kids’ clothes. (They outgrow things fast. Use profits from the old items to buy new clothes they can grow into. Now, that’s going green.)

Have the articles of clothing in the best condition possible before you put them up for sale. For example, shoes can be cleaned and buffed until they’re like new. According to eBay’s policies, clothing must be cleaned before shipping.

And consider what’s parked in your basement, garage, or attic:

  • Old radios, stereo and video equipment, and 8-track systems: Watch these items fly out of your house — especially the 8-track players (believe it or not, people love ’em).

  • Books you finished reading long ago and don’t want to read again: Some books with early copyright dates or first editions by famous authors earn big money on eBay.

  • Leftovers from an abandoned hobby: Who knew that building miniature dollhouses was so much work?

  • Unwanted gifts: Have a decade’s worth of birthday, graduation, or holiday gifts collecting dust? Put them up on eBay and hope Grandma or Grandpa doesn’t bid on them because they think somebody needs another mustache comb!

Saleable stuff may even be lounging around in your living room or bedroom:

  • Home décor you want to change: Lamps, chairs, and rugs (especially if they’re antiques) sell quickly. If you think an item is very valuable but you’re not sure, get it appraised first.

  • Exercise equipment: If you’re like most people, you bought this stuff with every intention of getting in shape, but now all that’s building up is dust. Get some exercise boxing up all that equipment after you’ve sold it on eBay — remember the USPS will pick up for free.

  • Vinylrecords: Have a few boxes of vintage vinyl? If you’re not buying a turntable any time soon, put them up for sale! (Think records are dead? You may be surprised.)

  • Autographs: All types of autographs — from sports figures, celebrities, and world leaders — are popular on eBay. A word of caution, though: A lot of fakes are on the market, so make sure that what you’re selling (or buying) is the real thing. If you’re planning on selling autographs on eBay, be sure to review the special rules that apply to these items.