Finding Items by the Pallet to Sell on eBay - dummies

Finding Items by the Pallet to Sell on eBay

By Marsha Collier

If you are looking for large amounts of merchandise that you can buy cheap and sell on eBay for a profit, here’s a secret you should know about. Some suppliers take the risk and purchase salvaged merchandise by the truckload. They then break up each truckload and sell the merchandise to you a pallet at a time. You’ll probably find some local liquidators who offer this service, or you can go online to find one. Here’s the rub: finding the right person to buy from.

As in any business, you’ll find both good-guy liquidators and bad-guy liquidators. As you know, the world is full of e-mail scammers and multilevel marketers who are in business to take your money. No one trying to sell you merchandise can possibly guarantee that you’ll make money, so beware of liquidators who offer this kind of promise. Carefully research whomever you choose to buy from. Use an Internet search engine and search for the words salvage, liquidation, and pallet merchandise.

Some liquidation sellers sell their merchandise in the same condition that it ships in to their location, so what you get is a crapshoot. You may lose money on some items while making back your money on others. Other sellers who charge a bit more will remove less-desirable merchandise from the pallets. Some may even make up deluxe pallets with better-quality merchandise. These loads cost more, but if they’re filled with the type of merchandise that you’re interested in selling, you’ll probably write better descriptions and subsequently do a better job selling them.

Getting a pallet of merchandise shipped to you can cost a bundle, so finding a source for your liquidation merchandise that’s close to your base of operations is a good idea.

When you find a source from which you want to buy merchandise by the pallet, check out a few things before spending your hard-earned cash:

  • Does this vendor sell mostly to flea marketers (you might not want that kind of merchandise because you’re looking for quality at a low price) or closeout stores (more retail-oriented)?

  • Did you get a reply within 24 hours after calling or e-mailing?

  • Does anyone you speak to appear to care about what you want to sell?

  • Are the available lots within your budget?

  • Are the lots general or have they been sorted to include only the type of merchandise that you want to sell?

  • How long has this liquidator been in business and where does its merchandise come from?

  • Does the source guarantee that you will make money or state that you can make money by buying the right merchandise?

    No one can guarantee that you’ll make money.

  • Does the supplier offer on its website references that you can contact to find out some usable information on this seller’s items and the percentage of unsalable goods in a box or pallet?

  • Is a hard sell involved? Or is it a matter-of-fact deal?

Before you get dazzled by a low, low price on a huge lot and click the Buy It Now button, check the shipping cost. Many so-called wholesalers will lure you in with bargain-basement prices, only to charge you three times the normal shipping costs. Do your homework before you buy!